Our services


We are familiar with the capabilities of both EU and non-EU tanneries with which we collaborate. Through our know-how of customer preferences and market trends, on which we are constantly updated, we offer a wide variety of articles and materials, a variety of handmade processes, and weavings to best enhance the products, stimulating the creativity of our clients’ design offices.


Our role as intermediaries between seller and buyer allows us to meet the requests and needs of both parties impartially, providing a service based on efficiency, professionalism, and courtesy, ensuring that both parties remain satisfied.


Faithful to our principles, flexible with our goals! This is our motto. In a constantly changing world with increasingly tight deadlines, flexibility is essential because it is the ability to adapt and to move towards new horizons, towards new ideas, and to find the right solutions by exploring alternative paths. This is the journey in which we support our counterparts.