Giancarlocaponi s.r.l.

GiancarloCaponi S.r.l. was established in 2012, drawing from the 50-year experience of its owner Giancarlo Caponi in brokering and promoting finished leathers for footwear, apparel, leather goods, and gloves.

We deal in a wide range of leathers, from lamb, goat, and kid skins to bovine hides, including cows, bulls, and buffaloes, for uppers, leather goods, and apparel, as well as all types of linings in various tanning methods from chrome, semi-chrome, semi-vegetable, vegetable to metal-free, and all types of finishing.

In the early 1970s, Giancarlo pioneered the search for the best emerging foreign tanneries interested in becoming benchmarks in their sector, focusing on the relationship between quality, service, and price.

The collaborative bond still persists today with many tanneries and clients with whom we began our journey, as it is based on solid foundations of fairness, respect, and assistance to both parties.

Our task is to mediate the relationship between supplier and client, assisting both in the research and development of new ideas, as well as in the realization of projects until their completion, taking care of all aspects and seeking the best solutions in terms of price, types of leathers, and processes, while respecting the requests and needs of both.

Our strength lies in our presence: serious, constant, and reliable.

Our team

Supporting Giancarlo is a team composed of his daughters, sons-in-law, and five other young and dynamic individuals who, each in their own role, handle all activities: from customer relations to managing the sample warehouse, to administrative functions.